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Helikon Windrunner Windshirts available now at Military 1st

Helikon Windrunner Windshirts available n...

Helikon Windrunner is a lightweight windshirt featuring adjustable hood with laminated edge, reliable half-length YKK front zipper, underarm mesh vents, reinforced elbows and capacious handwarmer pocket with inner phone and key pockets.

Made of micro Ripstop Nylon with water-repellent DuPont Teflon coating, Helikon Windrunner can be stored within its own internal mesh pocket and is great for v...

How to start and run an airsoft team?

How to start and run an airsoft team?

How to start and run an airsoft team? This is one of those questions that gets kicked around often in our sport. What’s the best airsoft gun for a new player? What’s the best mod I can do to make my gun a cqb/dmr uber-gun? What’s the best load out? How do I start an airsoft team? Like any of these questions, there is no one magical answer, but some careful consideration and well thought out advic...

OP: Carlito's Run

OP: Carlito's Run

Presented by:

Breach Tactical Airsoft

OP: Carlito's Run

Tigerland Airsoft Park
2262 Kenyon rd.

Startex: 1000
Endex: 1800
Entry fee $20


Also pay on our website

Minimum safety requirements
Full seal anzi rated goggles.
Min full auto engagement distances
0-300fps : ...

Operation Gunrunner 24Hr Milsim

Operation Gunrunner 24Hr Milsim

Operation Gunrunner

Date 17th-18th May

Location. Site 1 Ceri forest, Near Newtown and Welshpool

Price £35

Duration- 24hr event

Be on site by 10.30hrs for site and personal admin, startex 12.00hrs

Endex 12.00hrs sunday.

Hope you can all make it.

Location Syria and Lebanon border regions.

The Nato forces command structure have decided to support the Syrian militia in a...

Airsoft Coruña G.E.O.T.

Airsoft Coruña G.E.O.T.

Asociación Gallega mas concretamente ubicada en La Coruña, formada por distintos tipos de personas como militares, vigilantes de seguridad, guardias civiles, electricistas, estudiantes, universitarios y bueno en esta época que corre también sin ocupación laboral y con edades comprendidas desde los 18 años hasta 40 años, que esta basada en la amistad, el respeto, el trabajo en equipo y la obtención...

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  • Category: Teams

Las Vegas parkour/freerunning airsoft team

Las Vegas parkour/freerunning airsoft tea...

We are a new team starting in Vegas were on Facebook go check us out

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  • Category: Teams

Le secours tactique opérationnel

Le secours tactique opérationnel

Nombre d’équipes souhaitent évoluer vers ce qu’on appelle le MilSim, c’est-à-dire vers un jeu qui se rapproche au maximum des conditions réelles du combat. Cette tendance peut se faire à différents échelons en en fonction de votre niveau de connaissance. Ainsi on peut constater que certaines équipes adoptent des comportements proches des unités opérationnelles, tant pas leurs équipements et tenues...

Bündnis 90 / DIE GRÜNEN wollen Airsoft verbieten!

Bündnis 90 / DIE GRÜNEN wollen Airsoft ve...

This post is specially for German readers!

Wenn dieser Plan Realität würde, wäre das das Ende des Airsoft-Sports. Die GRÜNEN möchten alle Airsoft-Waffen aus dem Verkehr ziehen und unser Hobby Softair vernichten!!
Nicht auszudenken, was in diesem Falle auf die Besitzer von Airsoft-Waffen zukommen könnte!

Deshalb: Bitte geht am Sonntag, den 22. September 2013 wählen und wählt die “richtige P...

One Grunt’s playing Tips “A two element fighting system”

One Grunt’s playing Tips “A two element f...

It’s often that Airsoft/Milsim teams look at their team as one fighting unit. That’s not bad, but within this fighting unit are the individual elements that make up assault and support. Since a lot of teams forget this they often find themselves reacting to contact and just coming on line to fight the enemy straight into their teeth. Now, you’ll have those guys that wise up and remember something ...

"One Grunt's Opinion" Joins Merlin's BlogSpot

"One Grunt's Opinion" Joins Mer...

We are proud to announce a new collaboration between “One Grunt’s Opinion” and Merlin’s Blog Spot. Starting this month, you will be able to find posts from Javier of “One Grunt’s Opinion” here on Merlin’s Blog Spot by following the feeds section, or clicking on the tab at the top of the web page.

We believe that Javier brings a crucial, frank, and very adult conversation to the world of MilSim....


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