Airsoft sniper: An airsoft sniper is a player who may carry one or two weapons, with their primary weapon being a dedicated sniping platform. This player may choose to operate individually, with a teammate, or as support for a larger team. Airsoft snipers often choose to wear more camouflage then the average player to blend in more completely with their surroundings. All the news, reviews, tests, photos and videos about airsoft snipers.
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Well MB03 VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper w/Bipod & 2 Mags
112 USD

Well MB03 VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Snip...

The WELL MB03 is one of the best airsoft sniper rifles on the market today. This gun is lightweight resulting in easy maneuverability but built strong enough to be effective on the playing field. The MB03 is commonly known for its budget friendly price but also its ability to be effective down range. This rifle is a great beginner gun for those who want to begin the sport as an airsoft sniper. Th...

Snow Wolf M82 M99 LRSA Airsoft Long Range Sniper Rifle
295.00 USD

Snow Wolf M82 M99 LRSA Airsoft Long Range...

•Includes: gun, bipod and Matrix 3-9x50 Illuminated (red & green) Reticle Sniper Scope - Black
•Full metal construction from receiver to stock for heavy weight realism
•Integrated full length extended optics rail
•Steel folding sniper grade bipod
•Fluted outer barrel
•Realistic bolt action
•AR-15 style hand grip
•Anti-tank style muzzle brake
•Maruzen APS / Type96 hybrid system. Takes m...

Echo 1 M28
160 USD

Echo 1 M28

I am selling a one month old Echo 1 M28, the gun is in excellent condition. The only thing not new is that when I tried removing the orange tip, it scratched some of the paint of. I still have the original box and manual. I will sell the gun exactly as I purchase it, with 2 magazines and a bipod. The gun is the desert tan model. Chronographed at 508 FPS with .28 bbs. The gun has maybe fired 2,000 ...

SVD-S Sniper video by RBAirsoft

SVD-S Sniper video by RBAirsoft

Filmed at Lahnus, Finland June 12th 2016.

Took a while to get this video out, lost my project file, vacation and lots of other stuff including other airsoft videos etc.

Using my SVD-S CYMA for the first time after I rebuilt it.

If you like what you see, please subscribe, comment and like! This way you will support my work and I will keep uploading videos!

Please also join me on my othe...

Sniper shoots and kills an entire Airsoft team ! Great video

Sniper shoots and kills an entire Airsoft...

A sniper player shoots and hits an entire squad. Must see

  • by rudy 3 months ago

Snow Wolf Barret m82a1 AEG airsoft sniper rifle

Snow Wolf Barret m82a1 AEG airsoft sniper...

Обзор винтовки Snow Wolf AEG Barret m82a1

Airsoft Sniper Headshots

Airsoft Sniper Headshots

A couple of Airsoft headshots worth watching :

  • by rudy 6 months ago

First Pencott Viper Hoods!

First Pencott Viper Hoods!

SCG company is still developing new camouflage systems. We introduced into our offer two new ghillie lines.

-Hybrid Series
-Shadow Series

Check our website & Make nature work for you!

  • by lkji 7 months ago

KJW MK2 Gas sniper rifle
60 USD

KJW MK2 Gas sniper rifle

KJW MK2 gas sniper rifle (same as MK1 pistol, just elongated), shoots fast and accurate if time is put towards fine tuning hop up. Comes with four magazines and a multi option/color red dot sight. I used propane and silicon lubrication to keep price of playing down, can also use green gas. Please text listed phone number for pictures or questions.

Thank you!

Sniper Camo Paint Job

Sniper Camo Paint Job

New video painting my Classic Army M24 spring sniper replica!

I was tired of my old boring paint job so decided to repaint it in a more diverse camouflage pattern.


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