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30% OFF Don't Get Pinched, Sponsored Teams, $1 Guns & More!

30% OFF Don't Get Pinched, Sponsored Team...

**Don't get pinched!** This St. Patty's Day and all through March get 30% OFF Select Green & OD Airsoft Guns & Gear at AirSplat! Check out our new Don't get pinched video!

AirSplat Sponsored Team G.S.X. hosted some Bravo games over the weekend at Hollywood Sports Paintball and Ai...

GrimLock Airsoft

GrimLock Airsoft

This is more of a review of the "fresh out of the wood work" team GrimLock, I myself am not apart of the team but one thing I can tell you about them is they are unique in their own way, many words can describe them but a few are stealth, silent team work, sweet uniforms and good sportsmanship, the team has about 26 members and 11 active(not too sure about that though could be more)they ...

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Operation: Swimming with Tiberones

Operation: Swimming with Tiberones

Location: Los Nieves , Mexico
Situation: A powerful Drug Cartel known as Los Tiberones, have arranged a deal with a Rouge Ukrainian Bio-manufacturer called Bio-Tech, for the exchange of weaponized virus codename: CORDILLA for 2 million dollars. The cartel plans to flip this purchase and sell it to North Korea, Iran, or any other terrorist organizations.

Unknown to the Cartel the Bio-manufacture...

'Infectious' Scenario

'Infectious' Scenario

The Infectious scenario makes for a fun and fast paced Airsoft game. Great for small to medium sized teams on a smaller to medium sized field.
The premise is very split your operators into even teams, you can have more than two teams if your numbers start the game...when an operator gets shot/hit they join the team that hit them. The game is over when all the operators are ...

Teams, shops, brands and bloggers : GET YOUR PAGE !

Teams, shops, brands and bloggers : GET Y...

Airsoft Squared just released the new pages for teams, shops, brands and bloggers.

We hope you will like the new design :
- Now you can publish your news directly from your page
- Post status with photos in your newsfeed
- Post videos
- Publish events
- Publish new items for sale directly on your page
- Members receive wall and email notifications every time you publish a news or a conten...

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Share your experinces via airsoft-squared

Share your experinces via airsoft-squared

Hi everyone.

As you may have seen before i have been posting recently.

We all have stories to share and photos aswell.

Get along side airsoft squared and view your opinions and debates and share great photos.

Here is a few more of mine.

Taken myself at frontier airsoft (UK)

Thanks everyone gaz ward (youngsharky)

Airsoft Express

Airsoft Express

Looking for any player in MD who want to come out and play. We have a large field that is free to play on anyone 12-20 allowed permitting they have their own equipment. Contact me if interested. We try to have games every other weeks. We will most likely not have very many games in the winter.

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A new Airsoft map to find players, teams and brands

A new Airsoft map to find players, teams ...

We just released our Airsoft map on

You will be able to find all the players in your country or region but also the upcoming events and games, the teams, brands, manufacturers, shops and fields around you. And the classifieds.

In every group, a "switch to full map" button will let you browse more geolocalized information.

Register on www.airsof...

  • by rudy 4 years ago

TF330 Gunslingers

TF330 Gunslingers

The TF330 Gunslingers were founded in 2003. Our mission is to expand our sport and represent Northeast Ohio airsoft in a positive light. We are active in the community by helping local charities raise money and awareness for veterans suffering from PTSD. We take pride in our play and encourage sportsmanship and honor. We have 16 patch holders and a group of possible recruits.

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