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Custom Kydex BFG/VTG Holster

Custom Kydex BFG/VTG Holster

H W Holsters make some great custom holsters and other kit.

We check out the custom Kydex made holster for the BFG/VTG Blank Firing Grenade.

See the full review and check out these guys - good quality kit.

OhShiBOOM Impact BFG on Airsoft Odyssey

OhShiBOOM Impact BFG on Airsoft Odyssey

Thanks to Airsoft Zone UK and Mad Badger Airsoft Ltd - Buying Club member site. - its HERE the review many said Airsoft Odyssey would never do!

The next time you hear ‘FRAG OUT’ and look at the device landing at your feet think ‘Oh Shi……BOOM!’:

Check out the blog for the FULL review

More VTG Updates - Versatile Training Grenade

More VTG Updates - Versatile Training Gre...

SWAT Training Devices announce a great new innovation in their great range of Blank firing grenades - colours! now also in photoluminecent! - never loose a grenade again!

To find out more check out Airsoft Odyssey and see the amazing video! great in CQB and woodland

MORE VTG Updates

- Colours and something special Intel by Yosser

Things NEVER stay still! Your away being dis...

Versatile Training Grenade Updates, Intel and group discount

Versatile Training Grenade Updates, Intel...

VTG has some upgrades in the pipeling as well as the NEW BFGX-M203 variant of the impact style grenade for airsofting use. Plus innovations and new adaptors for different caliber rounds PLUS more! Offers on 10mm blanks and the new .209 primer shell adaptors - see it all here plus a special glo-in-the-dark casings coming soon - all the VTG and BFGX intel on Airsoft Odyssey FIRST!

Versatile Training Grenade V.T.G. on Airsoft Odyssey

Versatile Training Grenade V.T.G. on Airs...

There's a new BFG in town and it's called the Versatile Training Grenade.

Exclusively on Airsoft Odyssey the blog that brought you the news about this great piece of kit from SWAT Training Devices - comes the first look and review of this 'KING of Bangs' enjoy the video and review

Versatile Training Grenade Price announced

Versatile Training Grenade Price announce...

This is the NEW BFG (delay type) - The Versatile Training Grenade - V.T.G. has announced its price & package and will be launched at £95 GBP and include:
1x v.t.g. (complete with 9mm adaptor)
1 x loading tool c/w 30mm ring
1 x karabiner
1 x vtg patch
... 2 year full warranty which covers any issues relating to the v.t.g. including damage, failure, we cannot cover loss for obvious reasons...

NEW BFG the Versatile Training Grenade SPY PICs & Footage

NEW BFG the Versatile Training Grenade SP...

NEW on Airsoft Odyssey - Spy pics & footage of the new BFG soon to be launched:
The Versatile Training Grenade - a ALL NEW delay type BFG for airsoft - first look SPY INTEL obtained at great personal expense.

Join the Airsoft Odyssey group to check out the vid on Airsoft Squared!



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