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Ink and Iron Magazine - Issue 1 - Free Download

Ink and Iron Magazine - Issue 1 - Free Do...

Ink and Iron is a 40 page digital magazine that is designed to allow veterans a voice; both visually and vocally. There is no set style to the magazine; nor set articles. We like the availability to change the tone and content per issue. We are however, looking to expand our content availability in the coming months to larger editions. With that being said we will always feel that information in t...

SNIPER AS - custumized SEAL weapons & new products!

SNIPER AS - custumized SEAL weapons &...

For the SEAL lovers: Sniper-Airsoft Supply has customized some weapons for you.

Take a look on them and see the latest new products at the shop here: http://blog.airsoftcommunity.de/sniper-custumized-seal-weapons-new-products

Magpul - 2014 Calendar

Magpul - 2014 Calendar

For this year’s calendar, we opened up the armory and hired the best in the fashion industry to push the boundaries a bit of what is expected for a Magpul Calendar.
To be honest we weren’t too sure how it was going to turn out, but as the photo shoot progressed we started to realize that this calendar was something special.

The guns looked good and the girls looked great, but there was a sophi...

German KSK – Gear, Weapons & Missions

German KSK – Gear, Weapons & Missions...

If you wanna learn more about the gear, weapons & missions from the German KSK Soldiers, make sure to check out this article from the “Y” Magazine!

Read more: http://blog.airsoftcommunity.de/bundeswehr-ksk-gear-weapons-missions

VooDoo Tactical 30" Discrete Weapons Case

VooDoo Tactical 30" Discrete Weapons...

This year at Shot Show, VooDoo Tactical introduced their new line of tactical gear that was dressed down from the familiar tactical look, and dressed up for the more subdued crowd. The VooDoo Discrete line was designed with what the title indicates, discretion in a culture that is nervous around firearms.

The subtle black case w/chocolate accents, and square shape of the 30? Weapons Case could ...

The Undercover Unit

The Undercover Unit

The Undercover unit is a fully interactive theatrical facility which is driven by “live” weapons, zip lines, grenades, actors, lights, music, sounds, smells etc. Imagine being able to live a video game or experience things that could only be thought of on the holodeck of the Starship Enterprise. The Undercover Unit will not only allow agencies to come and train but will also allow the general publ...

Assassin's Arsenal Toy Guns

Assassin's Arsenal Toy Guns

The Assassin's Arsenal is known for being the "Bad Boys" of cap guns making it a knock-out punch. These are the cap guns your mother warned you about.
This combo package includes 3 of the finest cap guns we have to offer! Looking for that right gun? You can't go wrong with the Assassin's Arsenal. Real assassins shop at capguns.org.

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ASG now at Military 1st

ASG now at Military 1st

Military 1st range of guns has broadened recently by ASG branded Airsoft weapons including quality heavy weight M9 and M9 IA Pistols.





ASG have been around the replica firearms business in Europe for some time now, involved in the manufacture and marketing of Airsoft, CO2, Paintball, and toy guns, plus more besides, so these guys should know what they're doing. And they've certainly shown their smarts on this new take on the M4/M16 style with the Yankee Hills Machine Corp Licence of the ‘Specter' MWS, Modular Weapons System.


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