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SureFire: Hostage Rescue - Promo Video

SureFire: Hostage Rescue - Promo Video

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In this video from SureFire, Former Navy SEAL Dave Maynard leads a team in a mock hostage situation, utilizing the 2211 WristLight and X400 Ultra light and laser combo. Maynard also discusses the function of the lights and tactics used.

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Etc X400 Pistol FlashLight

Etc X400 Pistol FlashLight





Surefire – X400V-IR Tactical Weapon Light

Surefire – X400V-IR Tactical Weapon Light...

The X400V-IR weapon light has been eagerly anticipated for it’s combination of compact size, high power, and flexibility. It features SureFire’s latest-generation vampire head that allows the user to pull and rotate between visible light an IR illumination by simply twisting the light’s bezel. This capability is matched to a 5mw IR laser that allows shooters to seamlessly transition from rifle to ...

Airsoft Players, Wanna Win Free X400 Goggle?

Airsoft Players, Wanna Win Free X400 Gogg...

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