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The Hit!

The Hit!

"A contract has been posted on the head of a certain VIP down at the warehouse, he may be surrounded by plenty of muscle, but if you can take them down and bring back proof, then the reward is yours."

This is a game of hitmen competing over a single target.

The main objective is a single person who is now known as the VIP. This VIP has a single balloon tied to his back, and if that balloon ...

Bone Head

Bone Head

The game is based upon a single prop... a skull!!!
If possible, use a fake halloween skull, if not a ball or suitable prop will do.

One team will try to bring the skull to a designated point in the middle of the playing field. This point is a "Pentagram" that will summon a sick ass demon.

If anyone holding the skull is eliminated, they must drop the skull where they stand before going to r...

The Brew City Bootleggers

The Brew City Bootleggers

We are the first airsoft team in Milwaukee county, dedicated to fast, fun, and furious airsoft action.

We have spent 2 years making our team fit and ready to meet any challenge on or off the field. Our focus on Honor, Community, and Ferocity has made us stand out.

We play weekly at the Airsoft Jungle Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Hope to see you there!

  • Members: 10
  • Category: Teams



The game where everyone wins!

Hazmat Shuffle

Hazmat Shuffle

One ammo box is placed in the middle of the playing field. Inside is placed a can of soda. This represents a containment unit for a new weaponized virus. Each side must fight to obtain it, then when they capture the box, must get it back to their respawn. The player that carries the box cannot set it down, he can still fight with a pistol or small SMG, or hand it off to another player. The game do...

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Bio Student of Gaming Design at MATC Milwaukee

Founder of the Brew City Bootleggers (

Pistol and Shotgun fanatic.


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