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Here is a gametype I made up on the fly when my friends were bored of CTF. It quickly became the most popular game we play together. Its based loosely on the childhood tag/hide and go seek game called "sardines." Every player starts alone. When a player gets shot, they are "downed" and cannot fire or talk. "Downed" players sit down and put their hand in the air. If another player tags that downed ...

VIP Assassination

VIP Assassination

VIP sniper game rules and field ideas.

Sniper/VIP Assassination.
Long game (max 1 hour)
1-2 Sniper pairs (one sniper, one spotter)
1 VIP (Dummy Inflated balloon for head sitting on a chair)
Snipers to assassinate VIP (Head shot with balloon popped)
and make it back to start zone (extraction)
One shot and out for defenders.
One medic for each member of the sniper pairs (bandage wrapped ar...

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Bio I like Rock and Roll (especially stuff from the 60s and 70s), The U.S. Military, Rambo, Minecraft, and of course AIRSOFT

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