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This is a 100% charity event. We will be announcing the charity here in a few weeks.

Standard TMA rules set apply for this event.

TMA Release

We will chrono with .20
Pistol/Riffle can use up to a .25
Sniper/DMR can use up to a .40
Magazines a...

Airsoft Top Shot

Airsoft Top Shot

This is a charity event! You think your the best marksman in airsoft. Well bring it on!

Pistols, AEG, DMR- .20 or .25
Snipers - bring your own bbs

Open play after competition.

The over all top shot winner who competes in all 4 stages and gets the highest combine total will recive:
A top shot Trophy
1 White M4 Combat electric gun
1 Black Electric P30
1 Bravo dessert tan full face mas...

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Bio Im a field photographer for airsoft and love it. If I am not behind my camera on the weekends you can find this 33 year old mother sitting at a game for my daghter or helping my son with his work. I have been married to the most wonderful man in the world for going on 15 years now. I live in Texas but moved here via California via Florida where I grew up most of my life. After meeting and marring my Marine we had 2 kids We now live in a very small town, Moran Texas. I enjoy my kids, husband, stock shows and Airsoft. Want to know more? Drop me a line!

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