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Using Breakthough clean and lubricate PTS Mega Arms AR-15 CQ

Using Breakthough clean and lubricate PTS...

Please watch the video and see how is work

Usefulness: clean firearm, remove contaminants
Removes all fouling
No odor, No residue
Completely evaporating
Non water based distilled petroleum
No carcinogens or hazardous
pH neutral
Can apply wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote, hydro printing

Flashpoint 65°C , basically , it is non flammable. Dramatically ...

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The Generation III FastMags were some of the products Rifle fans interested in, as a heavy user of the 5.56mm AR-15 platform.The FastMags are a polymer AR-15 magazine carrier with an open-top, and an elastic tension band. The band provides tension between the front and back pieces that overlap each other. The front side of the FastMag will move outward, but only so far before the enclosed slidin...

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