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Operation Panther Claws

Operation Panther Claws

In 2015, terrorists hatched a plan to destroy or inhabititate many major attractions in Europe. MI-5 found out about the plot and tasked SAS to eliminte the threat.

Operation  Crimson Thunder

Operation Crimson Thunder

In 2016, a joint NATO-Ukrainian force jumped into Crimea to expel Russian troops who had been there for over two years. In the town of Kacha,where Ukrainian Marines had been fighting for days, US troops jumped in their first move to liberate the peninsula.

Operation: First Punch

Operation: First Punch

In 2016,a terrorist cell attacked a British airliner. The UK decided to root out the cell.

Operation: Rising Sun

Operation: Rising Sun

In 2016, communists took over Japan and began reconstructing they empire. The USA, worried about shipping ties, sends in the famous USMC to restore peace to the islands.

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Bio Codename: Burnside
Squad: Task Force Scorpion
Members: Burnside
Red Wing

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