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XPower Front Toward Enemy

XPower Front Toward Enemy

XPower is proud to bring a new gadget for your game -- M18 Anti-personnel landmine.

Demo Video:

Unlike ordinary toy landmines, XPower CO2 Claymore is completely redesign to complete your game and is suitable for both airsoft and paintball games. The XPower Claymore is powered by CO2 and can be used over and over again. Its special features and functions inclu...

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Bio With our extensive experience in airsoft and recreational paintball in the past, we know the most important request from the users are DURABILITY and RELIABILITY. As a matter of fact, all XPower products that we are created for strong, durable, reliable and affordable. Our internal system have been engineering with fewer moving parts to give you many years of pleasure with relatively easy maintenance. In addition, all XPower products are individually tested before they're packaged and sent out to you. Therefore, you have a product ready for you to use the day you receive it. We hope our effort can bring your game a new era and become a higher level in paintball gaming. We present to you our XPower series of Milsim Players.

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