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St. Valentines Day Massacre

St. Valentines Day Massacre

Come play in the decommissioned Nike Defense Base known as Blast Camp! This year's St. Valentines Day Massacre game will be on February 22nd. Where your swankiest outfit. Hit up the thrift shop and dress like your favorite gangster for this Prohibition-era themed event.$30

Tet Offensive

Tet Offensive

The Viet Cong are about to stage the biggest offensive move of the war. And you have no idea it's coming. $30 - January 11th @ Blast Camp

Airsoft. Check. Anime. Check. Girls? Check! Stella C3-Bu.

Airsoft. Check. Anime. Check. Girls? Chec...

Stella! No, not the awkward and surreal pre-Adult Swim-en-prime show (that was unceremoniously cancelled in 2005) starring Michael Ian Black. This is the clever but hyperbolized effort, written by Ikoma and adapted for television by the Gainax Corporation animation studio, to file airsoft under the category of “Action & Drama” in your streaming queue.

Making the obvious comparison between ...

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Bio I work with a bunch of dudes called Cobra Airsoft Legion that run airsoft games at fields in the Midwest! Check them out

I also run a non-profit organisation called Recreational Kombat with some great dudes in the States. We welcome all! Check us out on Facebook. Search for Recreational Kombat

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