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Blackhawk Down

Blackhawk Down

Title: Blackhawk Down
Type: Attack and defend
Teams: A vs B
Objective: Team A is to survive until they are extracted at the end of the game (30 min). They must establish a defensive perimeter and defend it. They have 5 minutes to settle in before the game is called on. Team B will be a mob trying to kill every member of Team A

Respawn Team A: 1 time only for each player of Team A, go to the ...

Hold the line

Hold the line

Type: Skirmish
Teams: A vs B
Respawn rule: Go to the back of the filed on your teams side and return on the field
Winning conditions: All team members have crossed the red line
Stalemate conditions: Both teams do not completely cross the red line
Losing conditions: All of the opposing team have crossed the red line
Limitation: You can not cross the blue line of the opposing team

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